I support the efforts of so many who work so hard and diligently to bring relief and help to our beloved canine companions and pets. Today, at the behest of a friend, I’d like to shine a special light on the Animal Rescue Site.

The Animal Rescue Site LogoIf you’ve taken time to look around here, you’ll notice lower down on the right side a question asked if you’ve, “Clicked Today?” That will take you to The Animal Rescue Site where every click will bring food to needy animals.

Yup, just one little click, every day, and you can help feed needy animals! The Animal Rescue Site has a nice bold purple button on their site that says “Fund Food for Animals – Click Here Daily, It’s Free” and every little click provides food for hungry animals through their sponsors.

Today I want to bring to your attention the sad plight of so many companion animals after the recent horrible flooding in the Midwest.

Help the animals suffering in the wake of the Midwest’s devastating June floods.

As the residents of America’s heartland flee rising waters and prepare to face the aftermath of one of the worst inundations in the region’s history, animals face just as much bewilderment and peril as the humans they love, if not more. Animal rescue teams are performing land and water rescues, recovering companion animals who had to be left behind, treating injured animals, running emergency shelters, and reuniting animals with their families.

So please, take a moment today and visit the Animal Rescue Site’s special page HERE, and do what you can. Every little bit makes a difference!

Thanks Steve, for letting me know about this special page!!

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