Rescue Me

Dear Rescuers/Adoptors/Fosters:

Thank you for all you do. For all you have done. Thank
you for all your time dedicated to us, in helping us
to live, to find homes to be happy and safe. Thanks
for fighting for us when no one else will. Thanks for
standing up for our rights, when we cannot speak and
no one will listen.

Thank you for all the sleep you have lost working on
the urgents, the last chance ones, the out of time
ones. For the blind ones, the deaf ones, the ones
missing limbs, the ones abused, the ones thrownaway
and tossed aside.

Thank you for seeing the life left in the seniors, the
greatness in the bully breeds, seeing all that no one
else can see. Thank you for saving the ones you have
saved, and thank you for trying to save the ones you
could not. They know you did all you could for them,
and please know they went away knowing that you humans
cared. They will wait to thank you at the rainbow
bridge when you get there personally.

They understand you could not save them all, and yet
they are still grateful, and hold no grudge against
you, unlike your human counterparts, that are unable
to love unconditionally and do hold grudges. Thank you
for spending your last penny to save us, or to feed
us, or to house us.

Thank you for the food and warm beds and the fresh
water.Thank you for the time you took to get us the
proper treatments we needed from the Vet. Thank you
most of all for getting us spayed/neutered so that so
many more like us will not have to suffer. Thank you
all so much from the bottom of our hearts to the
deepest of our souls. We thank you and we love you.



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