Dogs in a shelterThis list of of Top 10 comes from the Dog Trust, the UK’s largest dog welfare charity, but you can bet every shelter everywhere has their own list very much like this.  What a damn shame!

The 10 most irresponsible reasons given as to why owners could no longer look after their dog are:

1. “My dog doesn’t match the sofa.”

2. “The dog looks evil and has different colored eyes, just like David Bowie.”

3. “My black dog doesn’t match the new white carpet, can we swap him for a white dog?”

4. “My current dog is too old, can we swap for a puppy or younger model?”

5. “My dog ate the Christmas turkey cooling on the work-top.”

6. “My pet guinea pig got worried with a dog in the house.”

7. “The dog opened all the presents on Christmas Eve.”

8. An owner accidentally knelt in the dog’s urine while cleaning it up so brought the dog in the very next day.

9. A puppy was bought as a present for an elderly couple with dementia.

10. The owner was paranoid about recent bad Press on Staffordshire Bull Terriers, and the dog was given up through no fault of its own.

Pets should never be a gotten on a whim, they are not disposable, they are a lifetime committment, the same as a child with many of the exact same dependencies.  When will people ever realize this?

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