Tammy and DaisyFor background, please see the original story – BSL in Canada – They’re Going to Kill Me on Thursday!!. Basically an 8 mo old pit bull mix may lose her life due to BSL in Ontario, Canada. She is also a SDIT – service dog in training for Fibromyalgia and anxiety and panic attacks.

Her crimes? One, that she was not altered; on the advise of the vet Tammy was waiting until after Daisy completed her heat cycle. The spaying was scheduled.

Two, Daisy jumped up to greet an elderly woman outside a store, who fell down and was injured. The law is constituting this as an attack under the Dog Owners Liability Act 5.1 (a).

On Monday, June 4, officials came to Tammy’s home and took Daisy as she and her children stood by watching, unable to do anything. Sadly due to the laws there, they can do that.

  • A peace officer may enter ANY home and seize any dog suspected of being a “pit bull” if they believe that there has been a contravention of the Act of any of its regulations. If the officer believes immediate action is required they do NOT have to obtain a warrant to enter your home.
  • If you own a restricted “pit bull” and you are convicted of ANY offense under the new Law , your dog must be destroyed.

Between yesterday and today a lot has happened. People have rallied around Tammy and Daisy. They have formed a group to help to coordinate efforts in trying to save Daisy’s life.

People have donated to help to fund her legal fees. A retainer has been sent to The Law Firm of Hacker Gignac Rice to represent Tammy at her first court appearance tomorrow morning at 9:30am. The DLCC (Dog Legislation Coalition of Canada) has also been contacted and is ready to get involved.

I want to thank Itchmo, Dog Stories and PetsitUSA for answering my plea to help get the word out.

I want to get the word out to raise awareness on this, not just for Daisy but for all the dogs that Daisy represents who are threatened by BSL and unreasonable laws.

Yes, Tammy made mistakes, but is it fair to take an innocent life as punishment??

Some of the Faces BSL Hurts!

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