Puppies shown on the IBuyStrays.com websiteI got a email yesterday about a website called IBuyStrays.com that outright ask people to turn in strays and any unwanted cats and dogs including litters of puppies and kittens to be used for medical research.

Please, take the time to read this and get the word out!!

They actually have an ad on Craigslist;

I Buy Stray Dogs and Cats

Reply to: ibuystrays@gmail.com
Date: 2007-12-28, 3:33PM ESTDo you have one too many cats? Or maybe a litter of unwanted puppies?
I can help you out and put a little money in your pocket.http://IBuyStrays.com
Location: Georgiait’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
PostingID: 521795644http://ibuystrays.com/index.html

The website shows pictures of adorable dogs and cats and even tiny puppies and tells people to sell their unwanted pets or strays to them to make some money, rather then turn them in to shelters. Needless to say, I was beyond incensed!!

Every day, animal shelters wastefully exterminate valuable dogs and cats. Shamefully, the medical need is so great, while the supply of quality test animals are so few. I beg you not to destroy the trial subject who can make the difference between life and death for a real live human being.

Animal research has played a vital role in virtually every major medical advance of the last century and now YOU can be a part of that proud tradition and make money at the same time!

ItDog pictuerd on the IBuyStrays.com website uses money as the hook for greedy, sick people who could care less the cruel torture and suffering these experiment inflict on innocent and defenseless animals. It tell how animals are nothing but property and you can do anything you want with them, yes, even sell them for medical experimentation.

Are you an individual who regularly finds himself with too many cats and dogs on hand or maybe you’re just in need of cash. Whether you’ve got a whole unwanted litter of mutts or just one cat that doesn’t get along with the rest, Email me and do a good deed. Keep it up and you can earn bonus money for quantity.

Still, Don’t believe me??? Animals are your property which you can dispose as you please. Check it out for yourself:


Oh, and they so kindly point out that they’re against the fur trade but then go on to tell you how these ‘beautiful species’ are bought by universities, medical research, pharmaceutical companies, cosmetic companies, defense-research establishments, ammunition proving grounds, and numerous commercial facilities that provide animal-testing services to industry.

A very wide variety of companies and individuals require a large number of animals. All share the common goal of testing and learning to make perfect. However, we are strongly against the unethical fur industry and refuse all business from that sector. As you might expect, Many become dissection subjects who further the education of Medical and science students. But also, veterinarian schools use a lot of live ‘practice’ dogs and cats before trying their hands on the patron’s beloved pets.

They perpetrate the ‘disposable’ syndrome that is all too evident already today! It’s disgusting. They basically say that if for any reason you no longer want a pet, including if it has grown beyond that cute puppy or kitten stage, you can just sell it to them to die a horrible death and then get another one and start all over again… and again and make money doing it!

You can enjoy their wonderful puppy / kitten stage and then reap a cash reward for having grown such a fine specimen. Start over with a new kitten every six months! Win,Win, and Win!

The sad truth is that once Fido or FiFi outgrow their cute age, many pet owners simply no longer feel the love.

I Buy Strays would be thrilled to take that burden off your hands and pay you at the same time. Tomorrow, an enriched and healthier society will be your ongoing reward. And, don’t worry, your animal will receive several weeks of humane treatment during decontamination where we guarantee it will enjoy clean food, water, and a safe cage in a sterile environment.

Take the quick and easy way out that PAYS!

How could anyone so blithely put up a website like this without thinking or caring about the consequences, people, including children, out there picking up dogs and cats, stealing people’s pets to make a few bucks.

We need to get the word out, blast this site with email and hits, contact the webhost and try to get it closed down. We need to have Craigslist remove this ad. It may not be illegal but it is morally unethical. There is no doubt that family pets are stolen every day and sold to places the buy animals for research.

Together we can do something. Please get the word out!! Post in everywhere and ask people to write them, they do have a contact page and an email address is listed above.

Just a note – Yes, I am aware the Snopes has this site listed as a hoax but the bottom line is that whether it is a hoax site or not, it is still a problem. The site does exist and just by existing who knows what it may encourage people to do. This site, real or not, is morally and ethically wrong!!

And more, even if this site is someone’s sick idea of a joke, there really are places out there that do buy animals for medical research and far too often dealers that sell to them are not too choosy where their animals come from. Yet another bane of existence to the lives of innocent and defenseless animals!!

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