This has got to be the question that I am asked the most when it comes to animal advocacy, to helping our canine companions. People seem to think because they are just one person they can have little to no impact on things. They think because perhaps they have little money or little time or no way to get around or don’t know anyone, they can’t really do anything to make a difference. It’s not true!

One of the first things that I point out when I am asked is that I am only one person too and I may not be changing the world but I like to think I am making some small differences. Anyone, everyone, can do and there is much that one person can do.

This question was asked last night in a comment here and one of my friends, Peggy Juliann, answered it with wonderful comment that pretty much sums things up and I want to share it;

You can do a lot, in fact a great deal. The Power of One is an amazing power. It is just that we have been told that “one” person cannot do anything, that one small voice will not matter, that we are only “one person”. Just think what a mountain of mail would be at the Lee County Visitor’s and Convention Center would be if every “just one person wrote” as Nancy did.

If every “one person” wrote one letter to the court. If every “one person” told just one other person and motivated them to write, call, e-mail and or fax just “one comment” and pass that message on to others. The Power of One has changed the world many times over.

As saddening, depressing, disheartening, and agonizing as hearing about these terrible things are, if those of us who feel the rage, the tears, the agony and the sadness turn away, and will not speak up, speak out, stand up and act…then who will?

Whether it is the Vick case, or this Carrie Cagata case, or the man next door who beats and chains his dog, or the people who drown their kittens in the nearby pond because they can’t find homes for them, or any other animal wrong that you know of..we can do something. We can MOVE THE MESSAGE…and we can be a witness for those who cannot witness for themselves. Every good in this world and every evil in this world, has begun with the Power of One. It is up to us to choose which of those powers we will be.

Thanks Peggy, had to share this.

Now do you get it? I think there was probably a time when just about anyone and everyone has asked “What can I do?” I know that I did and FTLTD was my answer to me question. What will be your answer? It doesn’t have to be anything big and momentous, as long as you don’t just sit there and do nothing! Yes, you can make a difference!

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