Pitbull PuppyWhat is a good dog? A good dog is one that wants to please his owner. One that is responsive to his owners commands. One that obeys our commands, and responds to our desires for him in training. This is what most people would call a :”good” dog.

People sit in awe when we have a dog that walks on a leash with out pulling, sits by our feet when we stop, lays down on command, sits on command, rolls over, sits up, stay’s etc. They ask, “Oh my gosh, how did you train him to do that” we respond “with love and positive attention, for he is a good dog and his only desire is to please me, his owner”.

Now, what happens when the owner is a monster??? A good dog who’s only desire is to please his owner is turned into a killing machine. His OWNER trains him to fight, to kill, to be what society calls “a bad dog”…but how can we call this poor animal a bad dog???

This dog is responding to his owners wishes just as the dogs of a good owner responds to their wishes. This “Good Dog” obeys his owners commands, fights his opponent until he is no longer able to fight. Suffers abuse, wounds, death…only to please and obey his owner.

This dog is not a BAD dog. This dog is a GOOD dog for he is doing what he is trained to do. This dog is the result of a BAD owner. For a good dog desires to please his owner, and that is what this dog has done. Why is it so hard for people to see that these animals are good dogs…the owners are the BAD ones in this equation!!!!

written by
Dawn from Oklahoma Bully Breed Rescue

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