A couple of days ago we discussed providing your pet with the proper medical care such as a good vet, proper vaccinations and keeping an eye on their overall health in Part 2, let go on to Part 3

Feed and water your pet wisely. A healthy, happy pet requires a proper diet. Here are some tips for feeding your pet wisely. Pretty basic standard advise but so very important:

  • Standard accepted and touted advise says to base your pet’s diet on a good commercial pet food because, in theory, such foods have all the proteins and nutrients your pet will require. My advise is to feed you pet a good quality diet, whether a well research and safe commercial, home-cooked or raw. I discuss a little more about my thoughts on dog food here.
  • The main thing is to avoid overfeeding. – An overweight animal is more susceptible to heart, lung, and other ailments than a pet with normal weight. Puppies and kittens require more calories per pound of body weight than normal adult animals. Give these pets small, frequent feedings that amount to more than an adult gets. As an animal gets older, you should reduce the number of meals and increase the amount of food it gets at each meal.
  • Provide your pet with a little variety – While many dogs are happy and healthy eating the same food day after day, cats can be finicky. You can add variety to your cat’s diet easily, simply by varying the food’s dominant flavor —poultry, liver, fish, etc., on a regular basis.
  • Make sure your pet has plenty of fresh water – Fresh water is essential with any pet food, but it is especially so with dry food. Keep your pet’s water bowl clean and change the water at least twice each day.

That’s it’s for Part 3, keep an eye out for Part 4 coming soon.

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