In Part 3 we talked about ensuring your pet has a proper diet for optimum health so let go on to Part 4.
Make sure your pet gets regular and adequate exercise.

One way to ensure that your pet is trim, alert, active and good natured is to make sure it gets enough exercise. As a pet owner, you’ll need to spend time “exercising” your pet on a daily basis.

A dog that is inside most of the time should be taken on long walks in the morning, after it’s main meal, and before bedtime. You should try to keep to a regular schedule for these walks. Avoid “over exercising” your pet after a large meal or on weekends in an attempt to make up for an inactive week.

Playtime also can be exercise time for your dog. Most dogs enjoy retrieving thrown objects, such as tennis balls and frisbees. This type of activity is good exercise and helps keep your pet mentally alert. I know mine both love to play ‘Chuck-it,’ a ‘ throwing stick’ which propels a tennis ball, and chasing a laser light.
The main thing to remember is that ample exercise is vital to your pet’s health and well being. Also remember that whenever your pet is getting exercise, make sure it also has several opportunities to drink small amounts of water.

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