Casper and CreedA boy and his dog… sounds like a normal childhood friendship. What could be more average and normal than a boy and his dog… but Creed was no ordinary boy and Casper was no ordinary dog. Creed, a spunky and lively boy, as much as he could be, was sick from the day he was born and Casper, a beautiful golden coated canine was a service dog with Canine Assistants and from the first, there was an immediate bond between the two.

Creed’s father Jon says, “I don’t think he ever saw Casper as a dog.”

Like and boy and dog, they became best friends with play time and cuddles and as much fun as they could fit in but one day Casper did more… he saved Creed’s life.

The precious child’s body was giving up and his mom, Stephanie, did the only thing she could think of, she put her son’s hand on Caspers paw and Creed came back.

The reprieve was short lived but precious all the more.  It wasn’t long after that they has to say goodbye and let their boy go.

But Creed will live on… shortly after he passed a little of puppies was born at Canine Assistants and one of those puppies bears the name Creed…



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