Imagine coming home from work one day and expecting to be greeted as usual by your beloved furbabies and then nothing.  No scurrying of little paws, no tapping of puppy toenails, no excited happy barking and jumping.  Imagine how devastated and lost you would feel.  Imagine how crazy you would go searching, day after day, not finding your babies.

This happened to a woman in Texas and thanks to a rescuer who cared, this “Rescue Tale” has a happy ending… so, in the rescuer’s own words, here’s the story that will make you thankful if you are lucky enough to have a wonderful family…

Back in October, two dogs were owner turned in at MCAS. The son (and girl friend) said that his mother had DIED and that they didn’t want the dogs. Said the dogs were one year old and they “kindly” placed their dead Mom’s zebra slippers in the crate and off they went.

The dogs were traumatized. Scared to death.Victor and I picked them up from Petfest that day. They came home with us and slowly came around. I have been holding out on adopting them because they are SO bonded.

Couple of days ago, I got an email from someone stating that these were her dogs and I had their names backwards. So, I called her and asked for her story. All that she could tell me was that she came home one day from work and her dogs were gone. She had been looking like crazy for them. When asked, she described the dogs PERFECTLY.

“Uhmm.. what else are you not telling me?” I asked. She got quiet. Then I asked her if someone in her family was upset with her. She preceded to tell me that she had asked her son and his girl friend to move out of her home. I asked her to describe her slippers to me, and sure enough, zebra slippers however one had been missing!

So, the reunion took place today, thanks to Theresa. The dogs were SO happy to see their mom. The son is no longer permitted in the home.

So we can be thankful that the rescuer cared enough to keep the pups in her care because she was concerned about them… thankful that they have been reunited with their “mom” and now that mom knows what kind of a son she has, she’ll, hopefully, take care to take the precautions necessary to keep her loved ones safe and secure.

I know if it were me, I’d level any charges that I could against this “son” and he’d never be allowed in my life in any way.  We can’t choose our family but we can choose who we allow in our life.

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