When our son was young, he wanted a puppy. We got one. When he was 12 years old, he wanted a certain kitten from a friend. We got it. When he grew up and left home, we were so attached and very happy to keep “Whiskers” the dog, and “Dusty” the cat. Neither were of any special breed, but both were so special to us and were strictly indoor pets.

Whiskers was with us 12 years until he went to doggie heaven. Dusty was with us 17 years until she went to kitty heaven. They were such close and wonderful companions to us and to each other.

We miss them everyday and many people tell us to get another cat or dog. No. No other cat or dog can ever replace them. In our home today, on the one shelf are their 8-by-10 colored pictures, and each in their separate cremated urns, with artificial roses for each.

Our own demise plans have been made and they will go with us when we’re laid to rest. Their ashes will be sprinkled on our graves. Rest in peace our beloved Whiskers and Dusty, until we meet again.

This was a Memorial Day tale contribution from Darlene Owen to The Fergus Falls Journal. It touched my heart and I wanted to pass it along.

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