From Sunbear Squad, Inc. a non-profit humane organization that prepares you to proactively WATCH and LISTEN for evidence of animal cruelty, neglect, and abuse, and to immediately CALL your authorities for expert assistance. Please visit their website – learn, be proactive!

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Keep animal welfare in mind. Adopt a “watch and listen” mindset, so you can “call” the authorities sooner. Use your eyes and ears and call the authorities immediately if you suspect an animal welfare problem. Let them decide what to do, unless an immediate threat to life requires you to take action.

At this very moment animals are kept in cruel, neglectful environments in neighborhoods and rural areas across America. Often they are within sight or hearing range of neighbors. Yet they perish every day, because no one called the authorities, or worse, because authorities would not or could not act. Gene Fields, Sunbear’s defender and animal control officer, said that is the most frustrating part of his job: finding suffering pets near neighbors who didn’t call or take action. Read Gene’s action guidelines.

Pets from loving homes get into trouble, too. They might stray from the yard or become injured in traffic. They might have escaped while traveling—a frequent occurrence.

Your observations can make the difference between life and death. Here are some high-risk situations to watch for:

  • Neighbors, when households move in or out, watch and listen for trapped pets in sheds, garages, homes, basements. This is a common occurrence! Sunbear was trapped for 6 weeks in a townhouse laundry room when his owner left town to start a new job.
  • Walkers, runners, and delivery drivers, make a practice of observing the condition of pets as you go on your regular routes.
  • Commuters and shoppers, keep an eye on roadsides, ditches and culverts. Pets that appear to be dead may not be, so if you can stop safely, do so and check for signs of life. Hit-and-run drivers speed away, condemning injured dogs and cats to suffer and die alone.
  • Always be alert for intentional abuse of animals: beatings, shootings, cruel restraints, poisonings, and worse. Animal abuse is directly linked to violence against wives and children as well. You absolutely MUST call the authorities immediately.
  • Spread the word. Send your humane society, animal shelter, law enforcement and animal welfare friends a link to this web site.

What stops some people from calling to report animal abuse or distress?

They may be busy, distracted, and unprepared, lacking phone numbers. They may not recognize the physical appearance of an emaciated, dehydrated, or sick animal. They might be unsure of what to do, or they fear getting involved. Personal safety may be a concern.

The Sunbear Squad has a purpose: to remove these concerns and prepare everyone to call immediately to save an animal’s life. We want everyone to be a better “Good Samaritan for Pets.” Always report animal abuse, neglect, and distress to your humane society, animal rescue, or law enforcement agency.

Animal welfare defenders, thank you for your every effort to report animal abuse, animal neglect, accidents, and distress. Encourage your friends and family to do the same! Send them a link to this web site:

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