CamilloAs a pup, at only a year old, Camillo had already learned how to get on and off busses and now, at the wise old age of 12, he knows how to travel the city and where to stop to get the best goodies.  He will go to different shops for treats where workers know him, but he’s always home by the end of the day.  Now that’s one smart pooch!

“He’s intelligent…he doesn’t only use the bus alone, but also goes to the poulterer, to the port and a number of other places,” Camillo’s owner, Mrs. Lina, said. “He goes to the poultry shop to eat – he has his reference points! Shop owners give him ham and biscuits. He knows where to go to eat – but he doesn’t run our errands!”

Animal behaviourist Luigi Boitani said Camillo relies on his sense to retrace his steps. “He works out where he’s been before by using the principle methods of orientation: sense of smell and sight.”

Now, we know our canine companions can be very smart and have an incredible sense of smell.  There are many canny street dogs that survive by know where to go and the best time to get there for food, they know who is friendly and will be generous but Camillo, by all accounts, is a happy dog with a home and loving owner.

Mrs. Lina says she really doesn’t worry about Camillo, knows he will be home but she love to be a part of his adventures. Now she’s awaiting a camera to attach to his collar so that she can “travel” with him.

What a fun story and smart pooch!  You can imagine that people along his route are used to seeing him and look forward to it.  Shopkeepers keep an eye out for the little scamp with treats tucked aside for his arrival. And at the end of the day, he heads on home, adventure over, happily sated, to settle in for the night, ready for the pets and cuddles of his beloved person… 🙂




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