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“Designer” Dogs are Just Mutts

Ok, don’t get me wrong here, there’s nothing wrong with mutts or mixed breed dogs. They’re great! As wonderful as any pure-bred dog. My point is that you’re seeing this influx of so called ‘designer’ dogs that are nothing more then mixed breed dogs and people are selling these mutts for outrageous prices and even worse, people are paying those outrageous prices!

I read a great article this morning about just this topic and it hit the nail on the head so well. I remember when people used to just give these ‘accidents’ away or maybe sell them for $25. Then I started seeing them get ‘names’ like Peek-a-poo, Pekinese and poodle and now there’s a whole new breed of breeder out there intentionally combining breeds and giving them cute names and making a bundle. Absolutley ludicrous!

Snoodles and puggles and labradoodles… Yorkie-poos, cock-a-poos, Lhasa-poos, Peke-A-poos, Pom-a-poos, doxie-poos… bassatoodle, cockanoodle… You name it, if someone sees money it is, they’ll breed it. And people are selling these mutts for $500…. $700… and more!

And now there are a ton of registries out there that will register just about anything so these breeders can actually claim they are selling you a registered dog with papers to help to validate the outrageous price.

Sure they’re cute and sure they can make great pets, but so can just about any dog or puppy you adopt from a shelter or rescue and then you get the added satisfaction of knowing that you saved a life… as well as the satisfaction of knowing of knowing that someone’s greed didn’t put a hole in your wallet.

If you want a pure-bred dog, there are actually a lot of them in shelters or you can go to a breed specific rescue.  You can find one for just about any breed of dog you want.  And if you want a dog that’s registered and comes with papers, and a lot of people do, there’s nothing wrong with that either. We all have our own reasons for wanting dogs and certain things we want in our dogs. Do yourself a favor and find a reputable and responsible breeder.

Don’t think that just because someone claims their puppies come with AKC papers, that that makes everything ok. Many puppy mills dogs come with AKC papers and the breeders are USDA licensed and it doesn’t mean a damn thing!

I’ve posted this before but there are still too many people who just don’t know… and not knowing, they get taken advantage of.

Some quick fast rules:

Now I am not saying that you cannot find reputable breeders online. Many excellent breeders operate websites and if you do your homework, you’ll easily be able to tell the difference. See the article on Safety Tips for some excellent information about finding reputable breeders.

Here’s a few tips on good breeders:

  1. Fully answers questions about the breed, including the downside of living with it
  2. Is honest about the breed’s potential health problems, including any seen in his or her own dogs
  3. Provides copies of health certifications performed by specialists on both parents of the puppies
  4. Raises puppies in the home, not in pens in the backyard, and doesn’t live in filthy surroundings
  5. Has puppies that are friendly and healthy, with bright eyes, shiny coats and no discharge from eyes or nose
  6. Doesn’t breed more than one or two litters per year and limits each female to no more than three litters in a lifetime
  7. Helps you choose the right puppy for your personality and lifestyle
  8. Helps you find another breeder if he or she doesn’t have what you’re looking for
  9. Has a sales contract that includes a minimum one-year health guarantee against life-threatening or crippling conditions caused by heritable defects
  10. Willing to take the dog back at any time in its life if you’re unable to keep it

Personally my first choice for finding a new canine member to add to my family would be a shelter or rescue but everyone is different. I cannot fault people for their choices as long as they are made for the right reasons and people take the time to properly educate themselves.

A dog or puppy should never be a whim, they are for life and should be be a member of the family. Take a minute to read “Do You Think You’re Ready For A Dog? Find Out!” It will ask you some questions that you really should think about and answer before you take that big step.

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