Naming a dog can be an important but daunting task. Previously, as a trend, we have named our pets after certain characteristics. Today, the dog is more than a pet, but a part of the family and we now use human names for them. In fact, the top two names for pets are variations of the names Max and Sam. But with so many options available, what is the right name for your dog?

Many people still name their dogs after physical characteristics such as Spot or Floppy. Before rushing to name your dog, take a few days and see if anything about him could be a naming option. You may find something about his appearance, behavior or personality to be an endearing quality. This could result in the perfect name.

A name could also be of sentimental value, such as, a family member’s name, a friend’s name or a nickname of someone you know. Just make sure the person considers this an honor and not an insult. You can also name your dog after a favorite actress or actor, celebrity or any other famous figure. You can even consider someone in history you admire. Some other name options could be a favorite character, a favorite book, a favorite science fiction character, a favorite artist, a favorite city or country, a favorite food, cartoon or superhero. Another idea would be to find a name from your dog’s geographic origin. This would be a reflection of their heritage.

Some of the more popular names for male dogs are Max, Buddy, Jake, Sam, Bear and Bailey, and those for female dogs are Lady, Molly, Maggie, Lucy, Sadie and Daisy. There are many books and web sites with hundreds of names for pets. Of course, you can deviate from these names and be original by coming up with your own. If you like two names, find a way to combine them. Or, be a little more daring. It is a time when your creativity and uniqueness can be established.

You can involve the whole family in the naming process. Your spouse and kids will feel honored you wanted their opinion. They may come up with some pretty good ideas and this will bond the whole family together with the pet. There are some things to keep in mind during the name finding process. You should keep the name from having to many syllables. Dogs will be able to learn and understand their name quicker if they aren’t too long. Also, avoid one-syllable words that may sound like a command. An example of this is Bo, which can sound like ‘No’ to a dog. This can be confusing. Once you do pick a name, use it over and over again, so the dog will get use to it.

Just remember to pick a name that will grow with your pet. Keep in mind; this is a name your dog will have for many years. And you don’t want to pick a name only to find out later that you want to change it. Changing names will only be confusing to your dog and be detrimental to training. Don’t fall into this statistic. Take your time, ask your dog, see how he reacts to it and make a good choice from the start. You and your pet will be happy you put the extra effort into this.

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