Wash machineThis is not something that would normally be thought of as a danger to dogs but it most definitely can be, especially to smaller breed dogs and any other small pets. I’m sure we can all think of appliances that could be a danger, off the top of my head I would say the lawn mower, but how about washer and dryer??

This story really got my attention because about a year or so ago we replaced our old washer and dryer with a new front load washer set. Being the owner of two cats as well as the dogs, I’ve learned the lesson of checking inside anything that the cats can get themselves into before I close doors, etc. They have always loved to climb inside the dryer if I happen to leave the door open so I always take a peek inside before turning it on.

Now this story could be about just about any family. I know when I am doing laundry, I gather everything, dump in on the floor in front of the machines, sort it into loads and proceed to do laundry, grabbing one pile and stuffing into the washer, which is very easy with one of these front loaders, no agitator in your way to have to work around or anything, just stuff, close door, add detergent and softener, turn on and go.

Imagine being the owner of a small dog. You’re doing laundry and it’s not until a while later you notice your pooch missing. Frantically you search around the house, the yard, then the neighborhood thinking that there may be some way your beloved dog got out of the house. Then, for some reason, a thought pops in your head, a horrible thought.

You dash to your washing machine and start ripping the wet laundry out and there you find your beloved missing dog. Somehow he got caught up in the laundry, he liked to snuggle in the piles of clothes and in your rush to get things done, you didn’t notice, he made no sound as you stuffed your laundry in and one inside, he had no chance.

No, this is not something that would be a common worry, but it is something to think about so if you do have small pets, especially if they like to cuddle in soft piles of laundry or linens, take extra care. Most likely this would not be as possible with a washer with an agitator because you can’t stuff a large armload of laundry in but if you have a front loader, take that extra minute, for your pet’s sake!

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