Often friends and readers will send me stories and writings and pictures and it’s very special to me, to be invited into their lives that way and to get to know about their babies.  The other day I received a story which is a tribute and remembrance that I want to share.  Candi Lynn has shared her writings with me before and I’ve shared them with you.  This is a tribute to a baby she recently loss and it’s very touching.  Thank you Candi for sharing this.

A Tribute to Senior Dogs & a Remembrance of My Keifer

KeiferKeifer came into rescue August 2008. Keifer was dropped off on a busy highway at night by his thoughtless owners. Thankfully, he had a guardian angel following him and was seen being dropped off. They picked him up and took him to a local shelter. From the shelter, Mid-Atlantic English Springer Spaniel Rescue took him into their care. He came to me to be fostered and at Christmas, I adopted him. His real age is unknown, but I will guess around 13 or so. He had alot of health issues, but he had alot of heart. Though he may have been a senior, his heart was as young as a pup. Senior dogs have alot to give, even though their time with you may be short, the time is so worthwhile. The pain of losing is hard, but I would again open my heart and home to a senior dog.

Keifer was recently diagnosed with a splenic tumor and had many nodules within his body. I opted for surgery to remove the spleen and tumor, hoping and praying for more time with him. He survived the surgery, but 2 days later, he passed peacefully in his sleep. I will treasure forever the 7 months we had together and with giving him the love and care he so needed and desired.

Keifer is now free and no longer suffering, he will be sorely missed. Open your hearts and home to a senior dog, they need love too and their love back to you is priceless.

In Remembrance of Keifer…

The warmer breeze of Spring’s fresh air
The blossoming of flowers and trees
Oh what a feeling having the wind blow thru my hair
Watching the birds in flight sailing way above me.

I walk among the paths, many walked before me
I feel no aches, no pain, no more and spring among the grass
I see many come to greet me with the Lord in lead
It’s time for me to move on, and cross the bridge to pass.

I feel so young again and carefree and meet those who have had
The same mom that I have had and they welcome me here.
Here they tell me I am healed and not to feel too sad
For we must stay together, family we are and to stay near.

We nuzzled up together and a prayer we did pray
For they told me mom needs our strength now
As sadness fills her heart, remembering all the days
Of each of us being with her, as her head she slowly bows.

We will wait together, and frolic in the fields
Til the day comes, when we are together once more
Remember us in your heart, as your eyes you shield
For we will come a running, when you cross forevermore.


Candi, my heart grieves for your loss but rejoices for the love and joy you gave this sweet boy. Those who rescue and open their hearts and homes to those that others so carelessly toss away a given gift beyond measure. You and Keifer were both a gift to each other and you reveled in the love until the end.

Thank you again for sharing this touching, wonderful and bittersweet story. It touched me and brought tears to my eyes. Much love and hugs to you and yours!!

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