I know I don’t look like much.
My ears aren’t the longest —
But I can hear everything you say.
My coat isn’t very shiny, either —
But I love to be brushed.

I am not a perfect dog, I guess.
Sometimes I make mistakes in the house,
Mostly when I get scared.
And I get really frightened when my foster mom goes away.
I know what it’s like to be abandoned forever.
What if she never, never comes back?

I get awfully possessive about my food sometimes.
I know what it’s like not to have any.
And big people with loud hard voices scare me
When they try to clip my nails.
I’ve been hurt bad.
And sometimes kids run and scream,
One of them hit me once. And one kicked me.

I feel better than I used to,
But I still get kind of sick sometimes.
I don’t know what’s wrong,
But sometimes I just like to lie down in the sun and sleep.

I like my foster mother very well.
She’s a really nice person.
And I have been here a long time now.
She likes me too.
But I wish I had someone to really, really love me.

Some very nice people came to look at me one time.
They petted me and took me for a walk!
I was so sure.
But they went away.
They said I was too old.
I wonder what that means.

Does that mean I won’t ever get my own home?

by Diane Morgan

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