rainbowbridgeoriginalThe Rainbow Bridge is not just a place for dear friends and/or beloved companions but for all creatures.

There is a special group, quite large and growing each day, of those who stay out of sight for a variety of reasons.

They are the ones who arrived without a name or who have never been loved or had a home.

They are those whose died behind a dumpster, chained to a doghouse, in a fighting ring or by the hand of a human for amusement,  those abandoned by owners or who died in a puppy mill.

At the Bridge, they too know when a beloved human is arriving to join their pack. The “specials” creep forward on twisted or missing limbs and sit so very quietly hoping against hope. There is a chance that a human will notice them and decide that they are worthy to join their pack. If that is the case the human can take the tag from their neck and call the name out loud. Then the gate opens to their area and they emerge.

Along the way to join the human their fur becomes thick and glossy, limbs are restored, the pain and hopelessness disappears and the terrible memories fades away.

All of the “special creatures,” whether dogs, cats, rabbits, horses, etc. will eventually be chosen and know the love and care that it their right.

Please think of these lonely ones today too.

© 2009


This touching piece was written by a dear friend on an anniversay of some Bridge Angels.  Thanks you Margaret for sharing this with me and allowing me to share it here.

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