In an age of straining finances and people giving up their pets citing financial problems, this column is an amusing look at the financial benefits of dog ownership. Gotta admit, I never looked at it quite this way although even though my dogs are spoiled and pampered and that doesn’t come cheap, I would never think of giving them up anyway.

Below are a list of some of the ‘chores’ that the writer has found their dogs handle in their own doggie way that makes them productive and also saves time and money.

So read on and get a tickle, I did. Far too amusing not to share!:D

Vacuum Cleaning
I no longer buy vacuum bags. My dogs eagerly take care of accidentally dropped food. They will sit under the table at mealtime to provide our family with instant clean up service.

Actually my vacuum cleaner is in use more than ever otherwise I would be wading through dog fur and the backyard dirt they tend to transport into the house on their paws.puppy shredder

Identity Protection
There is no need to buy a paper shredder or sign up for expensive identity protection services. I simply give all my financial papers to my dogs and they are unreadable in no time. The dogs also do a wonderful shredding job on old magazines, towels, and even blankets (when playing tug of war) which cuts down on overall trash while making all of it so indistinguishable that not even an identity thief would want to try and decipher it.

Luckily, mine are beyond the tearing and shredding anything in sight stage… *whew!*

Stranger Screening
I no longer need to pay for background checks on my mail-person, delivery drivers or my neighbors. My dogs will give every visitor a thorough sniffing before allowing entrance to my yard. They also come with a convenient built-in alarm system if the stranger does not pass inspection.

This I can definitely identify with as I’m sure most anyone with dogs can!

I don’t waste money on a gym membership. I hook my big male dog to a leash and let him pull me through the neighborhood. I get a good run from the forward momentum and my biceps are starting to bulge from restraining him. Also, it’s a great opportunity for him to pre-screen our neighbors during our walk.

Oh yes, great ‘exercise machines’ with many bonuses!! Like the fact that I don’t need to wet my mop to clean my floor since my boy seems to think after a good play session, that drinking water means to deposit as much of it as possible all over the place!

remodeling Custom Remodeling
I have remodeled for free. My exterior doors have a new look since my dogs scratched on them. Their design work on my wood doors is lovely, but they are especially proud of the sliding-glass door etching. This was no easy feat and it took them several tries to get it just right. As a bonus, the smears from nose and tongue prints on the sliding glass doors provide an opaque privacy screen against anyone fond of snooping.

Ok, gotta admit that there’s no doubt when you look at the door my dogs use for ingress and egress, that this is definitely a dog household.

I save water. This is good for the environment as well as the wallet. I put dirty dishes on the floor and allow my dog to pre-wash them. No scraping or rinsing required.

I love this one! Yup, they do make great pre-cleaners… LOL

Pest removal
My dogs will stomp ants, snatch flies from the air and chase rodents to the house next door. Moles and squirrels have also been eradicated from my yard.

Between two dogs and two cats, pests are definitely kept at a minimum.

Does any of this sound familiar to you?? Are your dogs good helpers around the house and yard? Not sure the help they give can be qualified as financial benefits but how you do qualify unconditional love financially? 🙂

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