Skidboot and owner, David Hartwig Yesterday I posted a video of a really obedient dog.  I didn’t realized at the time that it was the famed Skidboot, one of the most amazing dogs you could ever have had the pleasure of seeing.  In March 2007, Skidboot, at 14 1/2 years old, made his final journey and his owner, David Hartwig thought that was the end.

But the requests kept coming in.  People told him to bring his other dogs but to Hartwig, no dog could compare to the miracle dog that Skidboot was.

Eventually they wore him down and so Skidboot’s legacy continues in the furry bodies of three Australian blue heelers by the names of Tie Down, Bois d’Arc and Little Skidboot.

“I had to let the public convince me it was still worthy,” he said. “They said, ‘You have something, and we want it.’ “

But as much as Hartwig loves the new pups, they are no Skidboot and he can’t help making the comparison.

“If you had never seen Skidboot, you’d think this was a real smart dog,” he said, talking about one of his new charges. “But compared to Skidboot, this dog has a bad case of dumbworms.”

But people are loving the performances, especially as Hartwig has the pups do some of Skidboot’s signature tricks and they clamor for more.

So take a second and check out the first video below to see a bit of the pups that are following in Skidboot’s paw prints and enjoy the second video which shows a wonderful interview with David Hartwig and Skidboot.

Following in Skidboot’s Pawprints

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