A week from being euthanized and deemed too aggressive, a 3 year old German Shepherd has now found his calling.  Monroe City Canine Search and Rescue out of Missouri saw something in dog that begged for another chance and they decided to give it to him.  Now Diesel has gone from death row dog to hero dog.

“Rich looked at Koda’s adoption page: no other dogs, no kids, not good with people, aggressive, on borrowed time,” Kate Sidun said of Rich Enochs, CEO of the Monroe City rescue team who went to Shawnee.

Despite the notations, they decided to give Diesel a chance.  Their current SNR dog was 8 years old and would be heading to retirement in a couple years.  It was necessary to look for and train a new dog and some one suggested Diesel, then named Koda.

Training began and it didn’t take long to see that Diesel’s problem was that he’d had no leadership.  He took to the training like a natural and now Diesel is now certified in both wilderness and disaster rescue.

Diesel today is a different dog. “He goes to homes for the developmentally disabled, and they love him and brush his hair,” Sidun said. He also attends day programs for the mentally disabled.

“Everybody that has always been afraid of German shepherds seems to bond very closely with Diesel,” Sidun said.

It only took one person to look beyond the notations of a piece of paper, to give this beautiful boy a chance and turn this diamond in the rough into the polished gem that was always there!

Thank you Rich Enochs and Monroe City Canine Search and Rescue for taking a chance!

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