Enter humans if you dare.  We have another set of howling hauntings to fill your heart with fear and dread.   We’ve said it before, the love of a dog is a powerful force – perhaps the most powerful on earth.  But what happens to that force when it crosses the other side?

Some cannot help but to stick around earth protecting their family for eternity.

Some take revenge on those that cruelly tortured them.

Some warn of disasters.

And some….


The Black Dog of The Hanging Hills

For over 100 years, the Hanging Hills of Connecticut near Meriden’s Hubbard Park has been home to a mysterious black dog.  Those who claim to have seen the dog describe it as a supernatural creature who supposedly leaves no footprints and remains completely silent as it travels the cliffside.  Folklore holds that it has haunted the region since the early 19th century.  According to the legend, meeting Black Dog for the first time results in joy while a second sighting results in misfortune. Seeing the Black Dog a third time is said to be a death omen.  At least six deaths have been blamed on third meetings with the Black Dog.

One of the earliest accounts of the Black Dog was published in the Connecticut Quarterly, (1898) by New York geologist W.H.C. Pynchon. According to Pynchon, in February 1891 he and geologist Herbert Marshall of the U.S. Geological Society were conducting research in the Hanging Hills when they saw the dog. Pynchon had seen the dog once before. Marshall, who had seen the dog twice, scoffed at the legend. Shortly after the two of them saw the dog, Marshall slipped on the ice atop one of the cliffs and plunged to his death.

Six years later, Pynchon returned to the Hanging Hills again.  He was never seen alive again. After an extensive search for his body, he was found dead in the same ravine where Herbert Marshall had fallen; almost in the same spot.  Since Pynchon decided to hike the hills alone, no one can be sure what caused him to fall from the cliffs.  But the locals swear he must have seen Black Dog for the third time.

The White Dog of Goshen

A large, spectral white dog has been known to haunt a five mile stretch of old Buncombe road  between the Ebenezer Church Cemetery and the Goshen Hill Plantation in Goshen, South Carolina.  The original road was a stagecoach route between Ebenezer Church and the Township of Goshen in Union county South Carolina.

People have reported that driving through this area the dog will appear suddenly running beside your vehicle. If you stop, it will walk to the front of your car, throw its head back and howl.  This apparition has been seen now for 150 years.

One legend says that the dog’s master was buried in the old Ebenezer Church cemetery and that the dog followed his master to the graveyard where it lay on his grave until it died of starvation.

Another legend is much more grisly.  A friendly traveling salesman came to Goshen for a few days to sell his wares.  His traveling companion was a large white dog that rode in the wagon beside him.  When the salesman and his dog left town, one of the townsfolk was discovered to be brutally murdered.  Strewn alongside his body was some of the trinkets the salesman was carrying.  An angry mob chased down the salesman and hung him from a nearby tree.

Trying to protect his owner, the white dog howled, barked, and bit members of the mob as they carried out their lynching.   Unfortunately, the real criminal was found and the townsfolk, in their shame, tried to cut down the dead salesman from the tree, but the white dog stood guard over his master’s corpse day after day – savagely threatening anyone who came near the hanging tree. So the salesman’s body withered and rotted underneath the tree beside the road.  It was many weeks before body and dog disappeared from the Old Buncombe Road.

Many months later, every person who had participated in the lynching of the salesman was attacked by the ghost of the white dog so horribly that they were either crippled for life, or died.   For those that survived the attack, they stated it happened while passing the tree that was used to hang the salesman.  All of a sudden, a huge white dog with glowing red eyes appeared to chase them down trying to drag them to hell.

Preston the Trick-or-Treat Dog

The Bellmont Hillsboro neighborhood of Nashville, Tennessee has, for over 50 years now, a special guardian during Trick or Treat.  A gentle boxer dog named Preston who patrols the streets making sure children don’t wander into the road.

A 13-year-old girl was out Trick or Treating with her friends and other neighborhood kids.   Following along with them was Preston.  Since Preston was the neighborhood dog, they weren’t concerned or nervous in his presence.   The 13-year-old lost track of her 7-year-old brother and went looking for him.  When she walked down one of the neighborhood streets she saw her brother in the middle of the road picking up candy he had dropped from his sack.   When she saw her brother in the road, she dropped everything and ran to him.

It wasn’t the fact he dropped his candy while crossing the street that made his sister run, it was the car speeding down the road straight for him.  Suddenly Preston streaked past her at lightning speed and knocked the little boy out of the car’s path.  Preston took full brunt of the car’s impact throwing him into another front yard.  The girl’s brother was unharmed and after the crowd determined the boy was OK, the 13-year-old girl suddenly remembered Preston and went looking for him.  Preston’s body was never found.

Every Halloween after that, children have reported being bumped or gently tugged whenever they stepped off the sidewalk into the road.  The 13-year-old girl grew up, married, and stayed in the neighborhood.   Every year she placed a big dog biscuit on her front porch as a gift for Preston, who gave his life to save her little brother.

The Black Dogs of Galveston Island

Roaming Galveston since the Great Storm of 1900 is a pack of supernatural black dogs.  Legend has it that twelve black puppies were adopted by a downtown business owner when their stray mother was killed.   When the storm surge engulfed Galveston, the pups drowned.  For over a century, residents of West Galveston Island have told tales of these large black hounds, having malevolent flaming eyes.  They appear running down the beach before a hurricane is set to strike.  These dogs are said to be so evil that that they only listen to the commands of the Devil himself.   Legend says that death may not follow at all, but something “bad” will happen to someone close to those who set eyes on the twelve ghost hounds of Galveston Island.

Back in 2009, I told you about a playful spectral dog that like to haunt houses with other animals.  Cats hack up hairballs at his appearance.  Other dogs run amok like crazy when they hear his distant howl.  Please check your back porch, front hallway, and stairwells.  He’s been sighted!

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