Every now and then I get wonderful, heart touching, funny stories from those in the trenches; rescuers, transporters, fosters, shelter volunteers and others and when I do I love to share them. It’s great to have stories to smile about and laugh over especially with all the sad, heartbreaking and absolute horror stories there are out there.

So I’ve decided to start a new feature here on FTLTD – Rescue Tales!

Do you a story that you’d like to share, something upbeat, happy or funny?  Would you like an opportunity of highlight your rescue or shelter in a positive way?  Then this is your chance!

I would like to invite any of you out there who have some great stories to share to send them in.  If you get my newsletter or daily updates, you can just hit the “reply” and send them.  Be sure to put Rescue Tales in the subject line.  You can also send them via my contact page.

I look forward to reading some wonderful stories and sharing them with everyone here! Pictures are also welcomed!

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