LuLu Crossing GuardYou can’t miss her in her bright orange vest or maybe it’s the four legs and fur she’s also sporting that makes drivers stop and take notice of Lulu, a St. Bernard with a special duty at 68th Avenue W., less than a block from Lynndale Elementary School in Lynnwood, WA. It started out almost as a lark in September when Jill Jaspers, whose son and daughter attend Lynndale Elementary, decided to bring Lulu, their 10-year-old St. Bernard along but now Lulu has become quite a fixture at the intersection.

An $11.5 million budget cut forced about 3000 student who generally took the bus to school, to have to find another way. Living within a mile of school, many opted for walking which necessitated additional crossing guards at streets near the school for the safety of the children. It didn’t take long for both the students and drivers to start looking for the unusual crossing guard.

“We have quite a few more kids walking to school than we did in previous years,” said Lynndale principal Dave Zwachka.

“It’s kind of nice because (drivers) will actually look for her,” said Lulu’s owner, Jill Jaspers. “I have noticed that people will slow down a little bit because they look.”

“I think the dog’s so big, she deserves to be called Lulululu,” Zwachka said. “Kids love seeing Lulu in the morning.”

Now if that doesn’t bring a smile to your face in the morning, then there’s something wrong! 🙂

What a beaufiful dog and a wonderful idea. It’s a great way to introduce kids to a big dog that they might not otherwise have a chance to get to know and for Lulu, who is noted to be a real kid loving pooch, you can be sure she’s a happy socialite with all the attention that is no doubt lavished on her.

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