JJ, passed away the same day as his beloved owner, Terry JonesTerry Jones and his little Yorkie, JJ, were inseparable.  From the time that Terry got JJ at just 6-weeks-old, more than a decade ago, they went everywhere together, did everything together.  Then Terry got sick with liver and kidney problems and was hospitalized more than two dozen time in the past year.  JJ’s health seemed to go downhill right along with Terry’s.

Terry went into the hospital for the last time last week and only a couple of days later JJ had to be taken to the vet’s for illness.  On Friday, at only 54, Terry passed away and as if there were some kind of a life force connection between the two, JJ died the same day.  Their love and devotion went beyond life.

Terry’s parents buried little JJ in a memorial plot at their home and Terry’s ashes will be spread over that plot.  A memorial plaque will be placed there to commemorate the incredible companionship between man and dog that transcended life.

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