After the car accident, as his family was being placed in ambulances, Joe Kelley of TN watch the family’s beloved dog, Ella, watching from a distance then dart off in the the woods.  No doubt he wondered if her would ever see Ella gain as he worried about his injured wife and children.

Well Ella didn’t forget about the Kelleys.  For 13 days she waited and without her family, she did an amazing thing, she searched the area of the accident and gathered up everything she could find that belonged to them, from toothbrushes to a shoe and notepad, reminders of her beloved family.

Luckily for Ella, someone was keeping an eye on her too and Kathy Wilkes-Myers finally managed to get Ella and take her home.  The half starved, dirty dog was cared for and Wilkes-Myers also gathered up Ella’s belongings, hoping she would find a clue amidst the items.

Watch the video for all the detail of this amazing story and beautiful dog who lost her family, you will be touched just as I was.  Can never get enough of happy endings!

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