bufordWell, a few days ago had a story about a dog stuck in a tree that needed to be rescued, he was stuck at the bottom.  Today there’s another “dog stuck in a tree” story except somehow 5-month-old Buford, a hound dog mix, managed to get himself stuck waaaaaay up in the top of a tree.

No one is quite sure how Knoxville, TN pooch manage to climb to the top of the tall tree but his family had to call a bucket truck in to rescue the pooch.  Alittle coaxing and a quick grab and Buford was safely in the arms of his rescuer and before long back on solid ground.  After a quick greeting to his happy family, Buford personally made his way to the rescuers and gave them each a wag of thanks.

Friends, neighbors and bystanders, as well as Buford’s owners, could only watch the whole episode in amazement.

“Never seen it in my life. Have you ever seen a dog climb a tree? I sure haven’t. This is a first for me,” said Tyler Wilson, Buford’s owner.

What an absolutely cute little puppy.  If this story doesn’t make you smile and give you a tickle, something’s missing.  Watching Buford just wiggle waggling, that tail just going, just gotta grin and giggle. 😆

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