Now this is just too precious!  Seems this tiny little fawn followed the beagle home, making its way into the house through a doggie door.  This supposedly happened in the Bittinger, MD area and the pictures are what the home owner found when they arrived home and found the tiny visitor had made itself right at home.

Fawn and Dog

Fawn and Dog

The local Department of Natural Resources told the beagle owner to put the fawn outside and block the doggie door so he couldn’t return. He took the fawn to the edge of the woods where he believes he might have met the dog. Upon return a little later, the fawn was gone. We can only hope he was reunited with his mother!

There is some controversy over these pics, real, staged, etc.  Snopes says undetermined.  All I can say is that they are adorable and worth a smile or two. 😀

Thanks for the pix Kerry!

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