VictoryEvery now and then you get a chance to follow a story from “beginning” to “end” and this is one of those times that I get a chance to share with you an ending and a happy ending at that!

You remember Victory, the pitbull girl that was found wandering in Kansas City, MO with her ears completely cut off, neglected, starved and abused? The last I told you about her she was in a foster home and doing well, available for adoption. Well, she’s been adopted and now has a forever home, a wonderful forever home!!

I got an email yesterday from a friend who volunteers with MPR – Missouri Pit Bull Rescue, and so many of you commented and were interested in Victory’s story and asked how she’s doing wanting follow-up that I had to share so you could all revel in a happy ending.

These pictures are of Victory in her FOREVER home. Notice I did not say her “new” forever home. Her foster parents could not let her go! She is a bundle of overflowing joy and love, and they could not imagine living without her. Happy ending!!! Why, oh why, could not all stories end this way?

Take a look at this girl, she’s one scary pitbull, isn’t she? LOL

vic-2-018 vic-2-005

vic-2-002 vic-2-016

Congrats Julie and John on officially making this sweet girl a permanent part of your family and giving us these wonderful glimpses in her life now.  All of you look so happy together, just the way it’s supposed to be!

A special thanks to my friend Gig for keeping me updated on Victory so I could share this wonderful story with everyone.  And of course a big special thanks to MPR for making this all possible!!

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