lost_samAfter months and more then $23K, Ginny Davis has been reunited with her prodigal pooch, 2-year-old shih tzu, Sam. Ginny has six dogs but when Sam wriggled out of his collar during a grooming trip, no expense was too much, no effort too extreme for her to find her lost family member. Sure, some people think it’s extreme but I know a lot of people, if they lost their dog and could do it, would invest every cent they had to find them. I would.

“I’m not a wealthy person. It’s just that I feel when you get an animal, you make a commitment,” Davis said.

To those of us who look at our canine companions as furry family members, we would do whatever it took to be reunited. I’m so happy for Ginny and Sam!! What an amazing story and amazing love!

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