This Rescue Tale is from our own Dru who had her heart stolen by a “wee” baby and wanted to share her “Miss Jane” or Jeanie as she’s now called, with us.  Enjoy your smiles for today!

Miss Jane, Puppy Mill Survivor

Once a month or so I check into our local adoption center site to look at the dogs. Last week i saw this wee tiny Chi whose name was Jane. That was my mum’s name but she was called Jeanie. I went into the center to see Jane and I FELL IN LOVE with her.

For the past 8 years I’ve been very good about NOT bringing any critters home. This day Andrea, the manager of the center, let me take Jane out of the pen that she shared with 3 other Chi ladies. These girls had been taken from a puppy mill in Mayfield, KY. I bundled her into my jacket and just cuddled and walked around with her for the next 45 minutes. My love for this tiny wee thing grew. I cried when I had to put her back into the pen. When I got home I told my partner, Miriam, about Jane…..

I couldn’t sleep for the next to nights ‘cuz all I thought about was this wee girl who is about 4 years old and spent ALL this time in a cage being forced to give birth to litter after litter, then on Dec 16, 2009 she was rescued and brought to the Warrick Humane Society. She’d been in the shelter since the 17th and here it was January 6!!!! Why hadn’t somebody snatched her up already. She is SO adorable. I went back a few days later with Miriam so she could see this wee girl and decided that we could give her a home. She isn’t like any puppy mill dog I’ve ever read about. I was allowed to bring her home for the weekend last week and had to take her back on Tuesday, the center is closed on Mondays.

I promised this wee girl that i WOULD make sure that NOBODY ever hurt her again, that I would find her a loving home, all the time praying that home would be mine. My only pitfall was her fee was $200. I just didn’t have it but I could offer her safety, warmth, love, a warm bed, a filled belly………..

When I woke up on Tuesday morning I did not want 2 take her back so Miriam and I went in at just afternoon and Andrea cut the fee down to $150 because we think she’s already spayed. She has a scar on her belly. She may have been spayed or had a C-section. We payed $50 on account and took her home. She’s fitting in just great. All 8 of my cats love her. My dogs Lucy, Max and Ginger were okay with her but let her know that this was their house and they’d share it. JD, now he’s a BIIIG dude so i kinda worried a wee bit, but he’s a gentle giant. In fact, he steps aside for the 7lb Ginger.

In this short period of time she’s fitting in, even JD is getting used to her running around. She’s mastered going downstairs, we’re still working on going UP. I’m still not sure how I go about potty training her. Ginger uses the piddle pads and I’m sure that wee Jeanie (yep, my mum’s name) will catch on.

Miss Jane in her "wee" sweaterI don’t think she likes wearing clothes but she gets a bit cold. Yesterday I cut the leg off of an old pair of thermal underwear and made her a wee sweater. That’s what she’s wearing in the pic. She kinda stops dead when I put anything on her but I believe she’ll get used to clothes when she notices she’s warm. Even tho she hasn’t been here long, it feels like she’s been here for a long time. The shelter said she’s 4 years old but she may be a bit older. Looking at the white around her muzzle and eyes. We gave her Miriam’s birthday, Dec 7. I know I’ll post more stuff about my “new” baby as time goes on.

Now i know she’s safe and I’ve promised her she always will be. Thanks for letting me on about her.


Dru, thank you so much for sharing Jeanie’s story.  I know how taken in you were by her and worried that you wouldn’t be able to bring into your family.  I am so glad that things worked out and now this “wee” baby has a wonderful home and family to love her!

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