us-grenade The past weekend, a woman walking her boxer, Boogie, and another dog,  near the town of Erkrath in western Germany’s Neander Valley had quite an unusual experience. Her pooch was wandering off leash near a stream and as dogs often will, was sniffing and prowling but when he excitedly brought his “find” back to his owner, she wasn’t nearly as excited as her dog was. She quickly recognized the dog’s new “toy” to be a rusty grenade.

“The two dogs were playing off leash when the boxer – a normal family dog called Boogie, as in ‘boogie woogie’ – found an object and brought it to the woman,” Erkrath police spokesman Ulrich Löhe told The Local.

She instructed Boogie to put it back, which he did, and then alerted authorities. Authorities cordoned off the area, removed the grenade, took it to their headquarters and diffused the still live grenade without any harm being done.

Reports say that it is actually not that uncommon to still find live ordinance left over from WW II like this American grenade that was found. When munitions are found, even six decades later, evacuations are done so that they can be diffused and removed.

“We have at least one or two old unexploded ordnance calls in our county each month – we wouldn’t have the ordnance clean up unit if we didn’t need them,” Löhe said. “They are responsible for the entire Düsseldorf area, and they have a lot to do.”

So for any of you out there who thinks your dog sometimes finds and brings you strange gifts, try to top this one! I think the stragest “gift” I’ve ever received from one of my babies was an animal bone he found when we were hiking in the woods a while back.  This might be unusual for some people but in WI is wooded areas, it’s not that uncommon.  Can you beat that? 🙂

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