There’s no doubt that everyone in rescue has stories to tell, good and bad, happy and sad and I’ve heard many of them. My good friend Caroline from Saving Furry Friends shared this one with me the other night and I laughed so hard I cried. Now, it probably wasn’t quite so funny for those involved but hopefully after all the clean-up, they’ll be able to laugh about it later.

I changed the names to protect the besmirched…..

Katie and her six puppiesBecause the local shelter is so full and we are trying to make room we transported more dogs and puppies than originally planned. I transported Katie her 6 pups, Jimmy, a beagle/lab mix, Josh, a boarder collie and Stevie, a beagle/terrier pup, up to one of my awesome volunteers. Some of these TEN babies were going to their forever homes and some where headed to their fosters families.

Well as luck would have, while I was driving my part of the transport, a few of Katie’s pups poo’d. Pups are funny that way and thankfully they were crated.

We met as planned everyone had a bathroom break, paperwork was exchanged and Jane and her husband were on their way with John driving and Jane keeping an eye on the dogs and puppies.

Now one thing I need to point out, Jane and John, wonderful people that they are, are very neat and John is a little on the anal side. Their car is beyond clean, not a dog hair to be seen, no smears or smudges…. prior to this incident anyway.

About 5 miles down the road Jane reports that Stevie, the beagle/terrier pup, got sick but thankfully it was formed so she justed picked it up in a paper towel and threw it out the window.

They continued on. Jimmy was dropped off at his home. At this point Jane thought Katie was thirsty and gave her a drink a BIG drink. Katie looked like she needed a break from the pups and was not put back in the crate. Five miles down the road Christy reports hearing what sounded like a bucket of water being spilled in her back seat.

Yup, you guessed it Katie was now car sick from the curvy mountain road. While Jane is reporting this to hubby so that he can pull over and allow her to clean up the latest mess, he looks over at her and reports that, “he feels something warm.” Uh oh!

Stevie the adorable little beagle/terrier mix has just pee’d in hubby’s lap. Katies 6 pups have gotten into the action with this car ride and have proceeded to play in their poo.

So now we have Katie, the momma dog, sick with watery vomit all over the back seat, 6 poo covered puppies and a pee’d on hubby.

To end, everyone is safe and sound and where they should be and I suspect Jane is in the tub and John is most likely cleaning and fumigating the car…. although it will never be quite the same ever again!

I’m sure you can just imagine this whole scenario…. OMG! 😀

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