JetOut of Melbourne, Australia

An international Quantas jet was grounded in Melbourne after it landed from Aukland when the pilot noticed a warning light in the cockpit which indicated problems with the auxiliary power unit.

When ground handlers opened the cargo hold out popped and rather unhappy dog that had escaped its crate during the flight. An inspection showed that after the feisty pooch made its escape it decided to have a snack and proceeded to munch through a wiring loom.

An aviation engineering source said: “The dog ripped out several wires which set off the cockpit warning and then it had a go at a number of electrical units in the rear of the plane.

“Under duress the animal obviously went nuts, biting through anything that it came across.

“I do not know the breed but the dog had to be fairly big with a big bite to damage cargo hold panels that are as tough as billy goat boots – it is difficult to even cut through this material with a knife.”

The plane wasn’t in any real danger and the most surprised were the workers who opened the cargo door and had the dog pop out on them.

Like I’ve said before, dogs do the darndest things!


Sunken CarFrom Port Huron, MI

A man out looking for his lost dog parked his car on the frozen ice of Black River so he could search the area.  In his rush he made two little mistakes… he left the car running and he accidently locked the keys in the car.

The heat from the exhaust pipe of the running car melted the ice and next thing you know… ooopsie, sunken car.

“It happens a lot more downriver, in Anchor Bay,” St. Clair County Sheriff’s Lt. Matt Paulus said about fishing vehicles out of the river. The river freezes solid and is often used by snowmobiles and cars during winter months, he added. “We usually get a couple a year. We already had two snowmobiles go in last week.”

To make matters even worse, the car, a 94 Buick, wasn’t even his, it was a loaner that he was using while his own car was being repaired.

So I guess, technically, the dog didn’t sink the car but if the man weren’t out looking for the dog he wouldn’t have parked on the ice and the car wouldn’t have taken a header into the water, so ultimately it does all circle back to the dog.

Besides, it make for an amusing headline and great story and sometimes you have to take any journalistic advantage you can get! 😀

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