Oldest Dog Max Until recently a Long Island Daschund, Chanel, was thought to be the World’s Oldest Dog. Chanel turned 21 in May.  Now it seems another pooch, a little brown terrier mix from Louisiana named Max has stolen the spotlight and title as World’s Oldest Dog. Max turned 26 years old yesterday, August 9, and has the paperwork to back it up.

Max, owned by Janelle Derouen, 49, is a healthy little guy except for some mild arthritis and cataracts. Mrs. Derouen got Max in 1983 from a sugar cane farmer and he’s been going to the same vet since puppyhood.

She says that she never spoiled him, he eats Kibbles and Bits, plain ole dog bone dog treats and doesn’t get any people food.

“He’s a very, very laid back dog. He likes to lie down, relax, nap, sleep a lot and keep life simple. He’ll play with the kids for a bit but if they bother him too long he’ll wander off. He doesn’t have any fancy toys, just a bit of rope and a regular squeaky ball.”

She said Max did get a little spoiled for his birthday with a party. ‘We spoiled him just a little bit that once,’ she said.

Mrs. Derouen is waiting for the official notification from Guinness World Records so that Max can “officially” claim the title.

Wow!! Congratulations Max!!

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