Doggie Door I can tell you that one of the best things I’ve ever done for my Jezzie and Bruti was install a doggie door for them. It give both them and myself a lot of freedom.

Here’s some of the benefits;

Convenience for you
You’ll no longer have to play doorman for your dog every time he needs to go out. The up, down, back and forth routine of letting your dog in and out all day interrupts more of your time than you probably realize. And, you can sleep in on Saturday morning instead of waking up at 6:00 a.m. to a panting dog who needs to go out.

Comfort for your pet
Pets that are home alone all day while you’re at work, have to “hold it” for a long time, which can be very uncomfortable at the very least.

Fewer accidents
Puppies and older pets, in particular, have a much harder time controlling their bladders for extended periods. Free access to the outdoors may eliminate the mess and odors of accidents in your home.

Most pets don’t get nearly the amount of exercise they need. Access to the outdoors where they can run and play helps keep pets active, trim, and healthy.

Save your door
Scratch marks from a dog wanting to go out or come in can ruin the appearance of your doors.

Healthy mental stimulation
The sights, sounds, and smells of the outdoors provide excellent mental stimulation to keep dogs acting younger and more alert.

Reduces boredom – related problem behavior
Bored or stressed pets often display behavior problems like chewing on furniture, tearing up pillows, or getting into food or other forbidden places.

There are a large variety and sizes of doggie doors to choose from as well. Here are just a couple;

Extreme Weather Door – Pet door boasts three weather-tight flaps to protect against wind, heat, cold, drafts, insects, rain, and more while allowing your dog freedom to enter and exit the home

Freedom Pet Door Aluminum or Freedom Pet Door Plastic – The ultimate in freedom and security for your pet; durable PetSafe pet door with secure locking panel

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