Carried and transmitted by dogs, parvovirus has a 20% mortality rate in dog treated in time, an 80% mortality rate for those who are not. Much more common in puppies than older dogs, parvo grows best in the rapidly dividing cells of the dog’s intestines. As the virus attacks and kills these cells it causes massive diarrhea and halts or slows the creation of white blood cells. In young puppies it can often directly infect the heart, leading to death.

So what can you do to give your puppy’s immune system a boost to help enable them to protect their selves?

1. Have them on a Premium Quality Diet. You can find a detailed list of these the The Online Vet.

2. De-Worm them all– ensure they are NOT fighting anything else.

3. Get them ALL vaccinated for Parvovirus.

4. FATTY ACIDS ARE ESSENTIAL. Omega 3 fatty acids are great anti-inflammatories and immune boosters. Flax is the best source for dogs: the dose is 1tsp per cup of dog food. For cats, the liquid form is the only option, and they should receive 500mg twice daily of Salmon oil or a supplement such as EFA Caps purchased from your veterinarian.

5. HERBAL HELP. Herbs can help strengthen the immune system. GREEN TEA (CAMELLIA) stimulates the immune system. ESSIAC TEA contains a combination of herbs which are immune stimulating. GARLIC has antioxidant and immune-enhancing properties. It is best used in conjunction with other antioxidants. When given at high doses it can cause anemia in your pet, so it is best used under the supervision of your veterinarian.

6. TRANSFER FACTOR. Transfer factors are tiny molecules that are able to convey immunity information from one entity to another to educate naive cells about a present or potential danger along with a plan for action. Although the mostly notable function of these smart molecules is to speed up the recognition phase of an infection making the duration of an illness much shorter, transfer factors also have the ability to suppress an over active immune system. All said, transfer factors have the ability to balance out the function of your immune system, whether it needs to increase in function or be reduced in the case of auto-immune disorders.

Dr. Andrew Jones is a veterinarian that combines conventional veterinary medicine with holistic and natural health to give your pets the best of it all, healthwise. His book, Veterinary Secrets Revealed, is a virtual encyclopedia to medicine that arms you with the knowledge to be able to diagnose and treat your pet at home for many ills that you really don’t need to run to a vet for and spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars. Do yourself, and your pet a favor, check it out! Veterinary Secrets Revealed! Your pet, and your wallet will thank you.

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