Bruti Hi friends and puppers, Bruti here, momma took a break for a while today so I could write about something important to us pups.

A friend of mine sent me a story yesterday about a pooch who would eat all kinds of weird stuff and this was right after I read another story about another pooch who was also eating weird stuff… golf balls!

Now, first off, I can’t figure out why any dog with a brain in his head is gonna eat something silly like golf balls, I mean, they don’t taste all that good but this guy, Oscar is his name, a Labrador pup, sure ate them anyway. And Oscar, he’s no silly little puppy either, he’s five!!

Seems his owner heard him rattling, yup, a rattling dog, so he took him to the doggie doc (YUCK!) and when they checked him out, the doggie doc could feel something weird. Then they had to do surgery on him and were just amazed… not one or two or even three golf balls…. no…. thirteen golf balls!!!

Here’s what the doggie doc said:

Rosyth vet Bob Hesketh said: “It was like a magic trick.

“I opened him up and felt what I thought were two or three golf balls.

“But they just kept coming until we had a bag full.

“I think they must have been in there for several months. One was all black and the shell was swollen.

“It’s incredible really. We occasionally find things like bottle corks but this is a bit different.” (Daily Record)

Well, luckily Oscar’s ok but he’s gonna have to eat soft foods for a while and because he cannot control himself like a respectable dog should, he’s now gonna have to wear a muzzle for his walks.

And now about this other silly pooch that eats weird stuff. His name is Taffy and he’s not much more than a puppy, only 18 months but to make matters worse, he’s a Springer like me!! Springers are very smart dogs as I can attest to, can’t understand what’s wrong with this guy tho. I actually think he’s weirder than Oscar maybe.

Ok, now it seems Taffy liked to eat… clothes!! And not just maybe like chewing on one little sock or anything either. Seems like his parents have been keeping track and so far he’s munched on 300 socks, 15 pairs of shoes, a key chain for a car and get this, 40… yes 40… pairs of pants!!!

He managed to get everything in and out ok up until that 40th pair of pants and then there was trouble. I’m not sure if these pants are like pants pants or are like underpants kinda pants… the story is outta the UK and they talk pretty funny there.

Anyway, Taffy munches on these pants, which belonged to three year old furless brother, and afterward he’s not doing too good so his parents take him to the doggie doc and he also has to get surgery done to him!

So the doc get the pants out and the parents are gonna try even harder although they say that Taffy, silly pup, seems to be able to ferret out stuff to munch on.

Now pup, I think you can see the lesson here. Both these guys ate weird stuff…. both of them had to go to the doggie doc and get surgery done, bet that hurt, and now they are both gonna be kinda on punishments.

Look, chewing on stuff is one thing, but just because you chew on something doesn’t mean you need to swallow it either! Be a smart pup like me. I learned really early that I could chew on some stuff and not on others, although personally I thought the books tasted really good and momma has sooooo many of them… anyway if we’re smart pups, we get good stuff and get to do fun stuff and get lots of playtime.

So pals, be smart, don’t eat weird stuff or some doggie doc is gonna have to cut you open like you got a zipper in your tummy and take it away anyway – Advice from Bruti!!

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