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Friends, I think we all know that there are amazing beneficial affects to sharing your life with a canine companion.  There are proven medical benefits as well as unparalleled theraputic benefits.  Study after study has shown  this again and again but more important are the real life stories of people I know, of people I come into contact with, of people who share their stories with me.  This is one such story shared by a FTLTD Friend on our Facebook page and it’s so touching and heartwarming I had to share…

Meet Rolli, an adorable rescue pup that came into Tony Ling and his wife, Sarah’s life and hear their story as shared by Tony…

We hadn’t had Rolli very long, just a couple of months, when we found out that Sarah, my wife, had breast cancer. She needed surgery, is now undergoing chemotherapy and will be having radiotherapy. In hindsight, although it never occurred to us, it would have been so easy to have returned Rolli to the rescue he came from on the grounds that dealing with a new dog along with Sarah’s health problems and keeping our business running would have been too much.

What a mistake that would have been! He has been a companion to Sarah when she has felt so very poorly. He has walked and played with me in the woods. When Sarah has felt well enough we have all walked together on the beach. He has made us laugh.

Rather than an added pressure, Rolli, has helped in so many ways to cope. What a mistake we would have made had it occurred to us that he may be too much.

And so I thank Tony for his, Sarah’s and Rolli’s touching story and send healing thoughts and prayers for Sarah.  And so that we leave this story on a more upbeat more, let me share the pic that Tony sent today with the caption from Rolli, “Look what I did while you were asleep this morning.”

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