Imagine climbing the highest mountain in Africa, taking a short *personal* break before continuing, looking behind you, and finding a dog.

Might not seem strange, but these tourists were on the Uhuru peak situated 3 1/2 miles above sea level with temperatures between minus 4 and 15 degrees C (25 – 5 degrees F).  And dogs are not your usual flora and fauna that high up Mount Kilimanjaro.

Four tourists on a mission to scale Tanzania’s Mount Kilimanjaro snapped this picture using a cell phone.   According to scientists and naturalists, dogs don’t routinely live that high up a mountain in freezing temperatures and barren land void of food options.  So it shocked the locals that one was found just hanging out.

A veterinarian stated that dogs can survive those temperatures, but having one climb up to such a forbidding location was really unusual so he guessed that this dog could be rabid.   Since he advised people to avoid the dog, it’s not likely he will be rescued.

Hopefully the tour company, Ahsante Tours, will check it out.  Maybe he followed another group up the mountain.   And just maybe, the dog can be coaxed down.

It seems quite the mystery, but a dog could certainly climb down those 3 1/2 miles to more food options such as mice, monkeys,  and possibly campers with treats.

I get the vision of some guy over the next ledge snickering at the befuddled tourists.   Something tells me that when Spot scales down the mountain side, he gets a nice, fat, juicy buffalo steak.

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