The Recent and Ongoing Pet Food Recalls

I thought this was interesting enough to report and just a little scary too that anyone owning a pet would actually have no clue about the pet food recalls!  It’s been such a huge issue!

Last nite I was talking with a friend and she was mentioned that when she had went grocery shopping earlier that day, the woman who was bagging her groceries made a comment about the quantity of chicken she was buying. My friend went on to explain that ever since the pet food recalls, she had her dog on a home-cooked diet because she no longer trusted commercial foods. No surprises there, since the recalls many people have switched from the commercial pet foods to other alternative such as raw and home cooked. What was so surprising was that this woman, the bagger, said that she didn’t know anything about a pet food recall!! This is someone who works in a grocery store, where I would hope they had pulled recalled foods and also owns a dog! It made news headlines worldwide and most any pet owner I know was talking about it very consistently keeping an eye on the ongoing recalls. Very scary if you ask me, that someone, a pet owner, would know nothing about it!

Would you like to know more about the recalls, what was behind it, why it took so long for the public to be informed? Would you like a SAFE list of commercial foods and to know what to look for and what to avoid?  How about some great alternatives and recipes for you pet?  I found a great seminar that really gives you the low down and a ton of information.  If you’d like to know more, take a look at the The Pet Food Recall Report.  You’ll be quite enlightened! (NaturaHealth4Pets)

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