Oh you all know how much I love lost, vagabond dogs.  And community efforts to feed, water them and to save them from harm.  Some are successful, some are not.  Some dogs eventually give up their life on the run for a meal and a bed in a loving home like River and Phantom.  Some, like Black Dog, remain elusive forever.

Here is another one, a sweetheart of a dog wandering around on Saddle Road near the Hilo Forest Preserve on the Big Island of Hawaii.  Concern that the dog may be hit by a car, residents have been trying to coax her to safety with food and kind words.

Baron Sekiya of Hawaii 24/7 first caught a glimpse of the dog along the road late April.  Because he saw another car pull over he thought nothing of it, assuming it might be the dog’s owner.  However, he continued to see the dog periodically and became concerned.  He started to blog about it here.

He notified the Hawaii Humane Society who knew about the dog and has been trying to catch her for weeks.  She seems friendly, not aggressive, looks in good health, and is wearing a collar.  But she doesn’t trust anyone.  Food and water have been left for her by other concerned travelers.

On May 19th he left a blog post where the Hawaii Humane Society veterinarian has been stopping by regularly gaining the dog’s trust.  Seems she may be caught soon.

Stop by Hawaii 24/7 and check for Baron Seikiya’s updates on The Saddle Road Sweetheart.   We hope she was not abandoned by her owner(s).  But according to his blog, there looks like a bunch of people are ready to adopt her and shower her with good food, a bed, all the love in the world, and…squeaky toys!!

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