Jezzie & BrutiAs an owner of two adorable but highly rambunctious and active Springer Spaniels, I know the importance of training my babies so I can keep my sanity and my home in reasonable order. Now I admit that Jezzie and Bruti are pretty much totally and completely spoiled and pampered pooches but I cannot remember the last time they did anything ‘bad’. No ‘potty’ accidents, nothing chewed, no stealing food and not even too much digging in the back yard. 🙂 They are pretty good with their basic commands even with company around.

I can’t honestly say that I put great amounts of time into their training, they don’t really do tricks or fancy agility, they’re my babies and little is required of them except decent behavior and companionship. In return, they have the run of the house, lots of attention and playtime, trips out to parks, woods and lakes for hiking and swimming, a good healthy diet and lots of pampering. 😀

Their basic training began when they were tiny puppies, which is when you should start training. And always start as you mean to go. It’s easier to train your dog properly right from the beginning then to have to train them to ‘unlearn’ bad habits that you allowed to form in the first place.

If you don’t want the grown dog jumping up on you, don’t let the puppy. If you don’t want your dog laying all over furniture or in certain areas of the house, train your puppy that way from the beginning. If you don’t want your dog begging at the table, don’t feed him tidbits during family mealtime.

Trust me, I know it’s tough looking in that cute little puppy face and not giving into each and every whim but that puppy will not always be a puppy and pounds and shelters are full of dogs that their owners claim untrainable or ‘bad’. Dogs are not untrainable or ‘bad’, owners do not train properly and the dogs pay the price!

So when it comes to your canine companion, train from the start and let your dog know the proper behavior from the beginning. 😀 And if you do adopt an adult or older dog, don’t think that they can’t be trained, dogs can learn and be trained at any age.

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