Allow me to be your dog to human translator. I found this information in Bark magazine.

  • To start, what does it mean when you’re petting a dog on the head and he moves away from you? It means, ‘don’t pet me on the head’ A lot of people are taught to pet dogs that way, but frankly, dogs don’t like it. They perceive a head pat as a sign of dominance, not affection, and physically, it doesn’t feel very good. Dogs would rather be stroked on the sides of their face, under their chin, or on the front of the chest. All of those actions raise the dog’s face, which boosts his feeling of security. And if you want to be a dog’s best friend, scratch him on the rump, right above where his tail starts.
  • Next, why do dogs walk around in a circle before plopping down to rest? It’s a hold-over from the days when wild dogs would flatten a patch of grass by circling around it before settling down. Your dog isn’t wild, but through thousands of years of programming, he’s performing a primordial ritual.
  • What about the mail carrier. Do all dogs hate them? Not at all, but most dogs will bark at any stranger who comes into their territory. Your dog probably thinks his barking makes the mail carrier leave. Because it just so happens that the mail carrier DOES leave after Jonsey starts barking. Jonesy just doesn’t know that the mailman would have left anyway, barking or no barking.
  • Another way dogs communicate? They blink. and it means, “Hang on a sec, I’m thinking. ‘So if you say, ‘down!’ and your dogs looks up at you and blinks before doing so, she’s probably thinking ‘Do I have to?’
  • And has your dog ever grunted at you? It’s a good thing. A grunt from a dog is a communication of pleasure. It means the warmth or companionship they were after has been fulfilled.

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