With more and more dogs around and more dog parks than ever there is an ever great chance for two dogs to wound up in a fight. If you’ve ever seen one of been the owner of a dog in a fight, you know how scary it can be. You don’t want to see your dog or the other hurt, you want it to stop right now and you’re frantic!

Here’s some invaluable tips for you if you ever wound up in this type of a situation.

The most unproductive reaction to a dog fight is panic.

Instead, keep cool, say dog trainers, all of whom have varying advice for breaking up a canine free-for-all. Among their tips:

Never put your hands, face or any other body part near the dogs’ mouths.

Do not attempt to grab their collars — you are most likely to be bitten.

If the dogs are scuffling and have not “locked” on to each other, each owner can try grabbing his dog’s rear legs, lifting them off the ground and pulling backward. Your dog might whip around and try to bite, so be prepared.

Startle the dogs with an unexpected noise, like banging two metal garbage-can lids.

Look around for any object that can be wedged between the two dogs, such as a chair or a broom.

Once the fight starts, drop your dog’s leash so he can defend himself.

If the dogs are wearing properly fitted choke collars, you can grab their leads, get the collars behind their ears and lift up, cutting off their breathing and forcing them to let go.

Carry Direct Stop, a citronella-based spray designed specifically for repelling animals, and spray it in the aggressor’s face.

To avert an attack, try to disorient the oncoming dog by yelling, or twirl the end of your dog’s leash in front of you. If you think a fight is imminent, and you have a small dog, do not pick it up; this will only make things worse. Instead, look for a place to put your dog where he will be safe, such as on top of a car or behind a fence.

Know your route. Avoid walking your dog on those streets where you know irresponsible owners let their dogs roam.

Keep your dog on leash, and do not walk any dog that you cannot physically control. (Newsday.com)

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