Don’t know a dog that doesn’t love a cheesebuger treat once in a while but they’re not terribly healthy in general, so I decided I wanted to try to make a treat so that the babies could have cheeseburgers whenever they wanted (within reason, of course!)

So here’s the “Cheeseburger” Jerky Doggie Treats I came up with.

The quantities for this recipe are rather unspecific depending on the amount you want to make. My batch was rather large, using almost 3 lbs of meat and a couple cups of cheese. You can add more or less depending on your preference but the goal is a “healthy” treats so my suggestion would be to keep meat and cheese lean/low-fat as possible.

Ingredients-Lean ground beef (I used 90% lean ground sirloin)
-Shredded cheese, variety of your choice (I used low fat mix of mozzarella, provolone & cheddar)

You can add dog friendly spices or other ingredients you think of.  I added “lettuce & tomato”,(spinach and dried tomato) as well as some cayenne pepper, oregano and garlic to the mix.

*Note – garlic is one of those controversial ‘foods’ for dogs.  Depending on your source, you may see it listed as toxic or as beneficial.  I’ve always used it in small quantities and believe it to be beneficial but if you’re not comfortable, just don’t use it.

 Mix all ingredients together.  You can use hands or a food processor, just incorporate all ingredients well.  You should wound up with a typical “hamburger” mixture.
 Shape it into treats.  I use a jerky gun, super easy and what a time saver, but you can also shape into small “hamburger” patties as well.  Place onto dehydrator tray if using a dehydrator or flat sheets if using the oven.  For dehydrator, set to appox 165 degrees if you have settings (or just turn on, if not).  If drying in the oven, set to same approx. temperature.

Drying time will vary depending on temp, thickness or treats and drying method, from 4-10 hours.  Blot with towel during the drying process to remove any fats that come to the surface and turn occasionally.  When completed, treats should have a ‘leathery’ consistency.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with ingredients, just keeping it dog-friendly and healthy.  The nicest thing about making treats yourself, you always know what’s in them!  Have fun and Enjoy!

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