JezzieWell mom has been awfully worried since all this recall stuff has been going on and lots of our friends parents too. Now just gotta let y’all know, that Bruti and I are very spoiled Springers and mom caters to us and pampers us alot!!

Anyway, once all this recall business started up mom decided to go with homemade rather than trust any of the commercial dog foods out there. Turned out to be a good thing because she had been feeding us Natural Balance, not one of the ones on the recall but she figures that any manufacturer that doesn’t make its own brand isn’t to be trust now anyway!

Well as of yesterday she started Bruti and I on a raw diet. She has been researching this for a while and figured this was as good a time as any to give it a try and wooohoooo, did we like it!! She started with some chicken leg quarters and I admit we were a little leery at first but after a chomp or two we knew we had something really good and it didn’t take long for us to finish it up!

Now mom has never had a problem giving us raw meat, usually venison or something ‘cuz she knows how healthy it is but there is just so much info out there on raw that it was just confusing. She found a great site – Raw Dog Ranch – that laid everything out so easy even I could understand!! BOL!

Right now she’s feeding us what is called ‘prey model’. Not totally sue what that means ‘cept it has something to do with feeding us like wolves eat or something. All that matters to me is that it’s meat and lots of it every day!!!

I think she’s still working on all the details and getting everything figured but being mom, she’s a research nut, so we’re not worried. She takes the bestest care of us!!

Guess that’s it for now… so here’s Jezzie signing off… talk to ya more soon!! Lotsa puppy hugs and cuddles!

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