Natural Dog TreatsA little fun and yummy, pooch approved idea from Christmas… Gone to the Dogs. Enjoy, I’m sure your pampered furbaby will! 😀

Just like humans, the more “natural” the food one eats, the better one feels. Lots of dog treats today are processed with so many preservatives, chemicals, additives, and other unhealthy ingredients that don’t contribute to your dog’s total good health.

Many all-natural dog treats manufactured today are chemical-free; however, it is always best not to get fooled with the big “natural” label marked on a product. “Natural” has been so overused, that sometimes it’s just actually more of a label than what the product actually is. Nevertheless, there are still several all-natural dog treats on the market today that really provide a healthy snack for your dogs.

On the other hand, if you love making your own treats for your dog, as I do, then baking some natural dog biscuit can be the most excellent treat he’d ever had. Making your own all natural dog biscuit is an excellent way of ensuring that your dog gets only the healthiest and chemical-free treat for his snacks.

Natural Dog Treat Recipe

This all natural dog biscuit recipe is simple to make, and can even be put together by kids and adults.

Preheat oven to 350ºF.

¼ cup of carrots
3 cups of finely chopped parsley,
¼ cup of finely grated cheese. Make sure that the dog likes the kind of cheese you use to ensure that he gets the tastes he wants. Typically, Parmesan or mozzarella cheese is best to use.
2-¾ cups flour
2 tablespoons olive oil to the ingredients
2 teaspoons baking powder to give the biscuit a little “rise” when they’re baked
2 teaspoons bran to make it extra healthy
½ cup water, and don’t add it until all of the ingredients have been blended together.

Slowly add the water until there’s a moist texture. Knead the dough to uniform rill using rolling pin. Cut in fun shapes. On a slightly greased baking sheet, place the cut dough and bake for twenty to thirty minutes.

Now you can give your pampered pooch a special treat made with not only natural and healthy ingredients, but TLC! And now as the holidays approach, make up some extra and share them with your dog loving friends so their pooches can enjoy too. Everyone is sure to enjoy this wonderful treat, dog owners because they love their furbabies and dog because they love treats! 😀

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